James McCormick

As the founder James McCormick is a lifetime Arizona native and as such understands the greatness of our state. 

James believes in solar for two reasons. It’s saves money for the family! And it cleans’ for an environment that Corporate America has been abusing. As a father of 8 children, James legacy in part is to leave his family a clean and beautiful Arizona.  

Sun Town Solar is a family owned business that puts your solar needs first! We understand your need to have the right design, the right financing options and the lowest costs available. Here at Sun Town Solar we believe that we provide you with the best choices. We spend time educating you about our products as well as the financing options available.  

We offer all three forms of owning a solar panel system. Whether you want to pay cash, finance a system that you own or lease a system, Sun Town Solar will be there to help understand how each option works.

STS was started as a way for our clients to get the best and more importantly lowest costing solar systems. Based on the simple principle of the “lower amount financed” the “lower your payments”, STS has created the company that can deliver on this core value.  

As the founder James McCormick started seeing how other solar companies forgot about clients’ needs and concentrated on their profits instead. STS focuses on using the best technology available and still pricing our systems under every other competitor. 

Our story, belief, and business model is for your benefit and we love that.


Matthew La Madrid

Matthew La Madrid is Sun Town Solar’s senior solar consultant. Matthew has been in financial planning since 1998.

Matthew’s passion centers on helping people take control of the financial lives. Being in financial planning has taught Matthew to ask the questions that other solar installers/consultants haven’t thought about; are you planning to add-on to your home, what are your expectations of solar, would you like to use more energy for personal comfort and are you planning on replacing any gas run appliances/units/dryer. His expertise in Real Estate, the stock market, corporate structure, and taxes are a perfect fit when you have questions about how solar affects your property value or your need for more information regarding both the federal and state tax credits. 

His understanding of how to design and implement your solar system is second to none. Matthew works the numbers for the lowest possible payments while still designing your system with the best equipment on the market.