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With solar we find that the cost is about half the cost that the Utility charges. However, it depends on the Utility Company and the solar plans they offer. Once we have your Utility Company and yearly usage we can give you the amount you will be saving.

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Whether you purchase or lease there will be no out of pocket cost. Each home and family uses their electricity differently and that keeps us from making a blanket quote. The cost will be relative to the size of your system which is determined by your electrical usage. Because solar costs about 40% - 60% (depending on Utility Company) percent less than your Utility Company a good estimate would be about half of your current yearly cost.

This is the most confusing question when it comes to solar. The answer is simply “yes” you will. Here’s why. Even though you have solar power you still need to use electricity at night and predawn. To help you understand the “new partnership” once your solar system is turned on, we must explain how your Utility Company buys your unused electricity and then credits your account. Some months you are going to see your bill with a negative balance because you’ve sold more electricity than you used, but that’s a good bill. Other months you might see a balance “due” because you bought more electricity than you sold (most likely summer). The best and easiest way to understand is if your system is designed right you will build credits up during the fall, winter and spring and use those credits during the summer.

Either a lease or purchase can be assumed (most likely if you sell within the first 5 years). However after those first few years you will have a different option. Your solar system has value that will be on the buyer’s appraisal. If that value is equal to your loan balance you can pay the loan through escrow. The new buyer has a home loan that includes the solar system, but the buyer won’t have a electric bill, plus they will write off the interest paid for the solar system. You can also take the system with you.

The Solar finance payment will be fixed after 19 months. The first 19 are fixed based an assumption that you will be adding the Tax Credit towards your balance. The lender gives you 19 months to file for your federal “tax credit”. Then it will depend on your decision to send that tax credit to the lender and thus create a lower financed amount.  Whatever your decision, after 19 months your payment will never change.

Yes, you get a 30 year production guarantee on the panels and 25 years on the inverter. That includes parts and labor. You get 10 years on roof penetrations that happen at time of installation.